okay i need to clear a few things up about the joey/lauren thing

if you dont know im the the girl who tweeted them about getting married (@strawnarryshake)

for me, i tweeted it as a joke, not thinking they would ever see. when lauren replied i literally burst into tears bc someone i have looked up to for years tweeted me. then joey and lauren twice after. i was honestly so happy that i was sobbing and shaking. after i finally calmed down, i saw a few people tweet how they thought i was “forcing” a ship on them. a lot of people were actually quite angered by this and i feel really guilty right now.

tbh i never intended to “force” anything on them. im also a 1d fan and if you “force” anything on the boys youre considered the spawn of satan so i am pretty used to these things

however i do apologize if anyone took it as me forcing a ship down on them bc that is the last thing i would ever do, i do like the idea of them
together but i would never disrespect them. i never thought they would see it, let alone reply and i thought it was a good-natured joke at the time

im honestly genuinely sorry for this and i hope none of you think of me
badly for this

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    Sweetie, you’re fine! It’s all those LaurWalk shippers trying to get to ya! And you weren’t pushing anything! They get...
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    thank you so much :)
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